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We offer final expense insurance programs to seniors who are proactively making arrangements for their estate. Final expense insurance covers the costly, stressful financial decisions that our families would otherwise be forced to face. Rather than placing this burden on loved ones left behind, RDX Life helps seniors make plans to protect their families during a time that should be reserved for grieving and healing.

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Industry leading pay with no hidden deductions, aggressive bonus structures, and the best competition platform in the industry = unbeatable compensation.


Our world class training program will set you up with everything you need to launch your life insurance career.

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From events like 42x to our financial planning curriculum, we'll help you use your hard-earned dollars to work for you, not against you.


Unlike most life insurance companies, RDX Life covers the cost of your leads! That means fresh opportunities every single week.

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Give Back

Whether our cause or yours, find a way to give back. We work with OnWatch on the front lines to fight against human trafficking.

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What do you want to leave after you're gone? We'll help you find your purpose and live a life built to leave a lasting legacy.

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